14 Jun
10 Fun Facts for our 1st Year

RedeemTV is one year old! To celebrate, here are some fun facts about RedeemTV and our first year Streaming Goodness around the world.

Fun Facts about RedeemTV's creation and first year!

  1. RedeemTV is part of an organization that was one of the 1st faith-based film production and distribution companies.

  2. RedeemTV's offices are located in a refurbished Civil War era barn outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

  3. The name RedeemTV came from Ephesians 5:16, "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

  4. The concept for RedeemTV first started in 2015 as a paid subscription service, but the project was put aside after 18 months due to development difficulties.

  5. We started our first year with the goal of 25,000 subscribers. We are ending our first year with over 125,000!

  6. We Stream Goodness is 200 countries!

  7. Chicago, Illinois is our #1 city for subscribers in the United States.

  8. Singapore is our #1 city for subscribers outside of the United States.

  9. Nearly 2,000 different videos have been watched on RTV in the last year.

  10. Our top 3 most watched movies on RedeemTV for the first year are Pilgrim's Progress, First Lady, and Heavens to Betsy.


If minutes were miles, we could have encircled the globe 500 times with the amount of minutes viewed on RedeemTV this year.

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