Behind the Scenes

17 May
A Trip to Ephesus
  • May 17th, 2021

The film, Exploring Ephesus took us on a trip to Turkey. Here is a glimpse at all our travels through "The other holy land" as we discovered Turkey and filmed Exploring Ephesus.

Background check! Take a look at the background and making of RedeemTV's new Eyewitness Bible Series. We sat down with Phil Smith, the creator of Eyewitness Bible, to ask some questions and find some answers.

30 Jul

Jarod O'Flaherty, the director and producer of Vindication, shares some thoughts and memories on set of Vindication season 2. You can watch season 1 now on Redeem TV. Vindication season 2 will be out in 2021!

19 Aug
Introducing The Watchers
  • August 19th, 2021

RedeemTV is excited to announce or first Original Series, The Watchers! Keep reading to get the inside look and learn about our newest show coming in 2022.

27 Oct

Nancy Hamilton, the creator of Fire on the Ridge, reflects on the tragedy of the 2018 Camp Fire in California and how her experience shaped her new film.

17 Nov
The Origin Story: Vindication
  • November 17th, 2021

Vindication is a well-loved detective crime series rich in Christian truth and values. From its beginning, the making of Vindication has been a faith journey. But how did the series come about?

What does the Torchlighters creation process look like, behind-the-scenes? How do we go from a broad idea of a hero to the 30-minute detailed, action-filled films you watch? Read on to find out!