19 Aug
Introducing The Watchers

RedeemTV is excited to announce or first Original Series, The Watchers! Keep reading to get the inside look and learn about our newest show coming in 2022.

Introducing The Watchers, RedeemTV's first Original Series. We paired up with Compass College to bring you a new show filled with anticipation an action. The classic battle of angels vs demons is coming to your screen.

Watch the Trailer:

An Inside Look:

The Watchers is a supernatural thriller about the archangel, Michael's, mission to protect the chosen voices of God that will lead a new spiritual revival from his brother, the devil.

The mission of the show is to pull back the curtain on the battle that is happening in the spiritual realm that runs parallel to our earthly realm.  Through entertaining storytelling, the show will explore themes of hope, truth, and courage for believers that can only be found in Christ.

  • Michael: Michael is the warrior archangel of Heaven and general of God’s armies.  He is summoned back to Earth to serve as the Watcher of mankind and inspire hope in them.  Through his interaction with mortals he seeks to find his own confidence in humanity’s potential.  Michael is forced to confront his fallen brother, Samael, and his lost mate, Tamiel, in order to fulfill his mission.   

  • Tamiel: Tamiel is a fallen angel, and Michael’s lost mate created by God for Michael. She follows Sam and carries out his attacks on believers.  Despite her current status, she remains linked to Michael in an intense way.  Tamiel remains torn between her choice to follow Sam and her past feelings for Michael.

  • Sam: Samael a.k.a. Sam is the devil thrown out of heaven.  Sam’s only goal is to unseat his father from the throne of heaven.  Sam is not above using deception and playing the victim to manipulate his siblings and gain the upper hand.  Sam wants to win his family over to his side, but won’t hesitate to destroy them if they stand in his way.

  • Pastor Tom Cullen: An inner-city pastor who tried to fly under the radar and not disrupt his congregation.  Like many believers he has forgotten the war going on and he is called to lead the next spiritual revival.

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