01 Jun
Be A Secret Agent with Ryan Defrates

Be a secret agent like Ryan and his mom by setting up an obstacle course around your house, your backyard, or a park. Create challenges to conquer and most importantly, make sure to encourage one another!

In the episode Strawberry Shrink Cone, we learn that encouragement helps! When Ryan and Mrs. Defrates were training, Mrs. Defrates helped Ryan succeed by encouraging him. However, when Mrs. Defrates tried to complete the course, Ryan was saying mean things to his mom and that made her believe that she was not good enough to be an agent! The training course was tough and they both needed positive words to help them finish! Now you can practice encouraging others and train to be a secret agent too!

Be A Secret Agent with Ryan Defrates

Outside Challenge Suggestions:

Crawl under a low branch

Cross the monkey-bars

Balance on a log or bench

Jump over a puddle

Slide down a slide

Do jumping jacks

Hurdle over pool noodles

Hula hoop or climb through the hoop

Jump rope

Tiptoe around cones


Inside Challenge Suggestions:

Jump over a pile of pillows

Crawl under the table

Bear crawl up stairs

Roll across a bed

Get across the room without stepping on the floor

Climb through a pillow fort

Limbo under a broom

Toss a beanbag into a bucket or laundry basket

Spin around 5 times

Do jumping jacks


Watch Ryan Defrates - Strawberry Shrink Cone

Be A Secret Agent with Ryan Defrates
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