16 Sep
Film Facts with Vindication

Season 2 of Vindication is here! To celebrate a new season, here are 8 interesting facts from the fan-favorite hit show. Get ready to become a Vindication expert!

Did you know?

  1. Episodes 1 and 2 of Season One were filmed 19 months apart from each other. All of Season 2 was filmed within 11 months.

  2. The entire family of Todd Terry (Det. Gary Travis) appears in Vindication at various points. His wife, Anna Terry, is in the small group bible study with Becky Travis, and both of his sons appear in other episodes.

  3. At least 15 different scenes have been filmed on the property of Retta Baptist Church, the organization behind the production of Vindication.

  4. In Season Two, the Travis family has sold their home and moved to a new one. In episode 2, you can spot unopened moving boxes in one of the scenes.

  5. In Season One, episode 1, Derek Taylor delivers Benny's Tacos to Rebecca at her apartment. In Episode 7, when Det. Travis has lunch with Kris at Benny's Taco stand, you can see Derek Taylor's car in the background.

  6. Each episode of Vindication is shot in 4 days, with the exception of Season One, Episode 2, which filmed over 5 days.

  7. The building used for Precinct One in Season Two was no longer available after the filming of Episode 5, so the scripts were adjusted so that the location was no longer critical to the storylines. In Episode 8, an alternative building was used for the Precinct One offices.

  8. The office used by Det. Kris Tanner in Season Two is actually the same room/office used for filming the Det. Travis interrogation of Derek Taylor in Season 1, Episode 1.

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